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“Love what you do or don't do it.”

                                                                   - Mark Cuban

Fired Up! Start-a-Business Package

Make use of your creative energy while it's burning bright

If you know what type of solopreneur business you want to start but need some motivation and guidance to get started, the Fired Up! Package will do just that. At the end of this package you will have a solid social media and marketing plan, know your target client inside out, understand how to register and form your business, create a basic message and complete a mini business plan.


1. Values & Vision

2. See Yourself: Assess Your Skills & Personality

3. Determine Your Purpose

4. Target Client

5. Begin Your Branding

6. Web Presence & Social Media

7. Basic Message or 3-Page Business Plan

Package Price: $795 [includes 7 Sessions + 1 Assessment + Workbook

Spark! Choose-a-Business Package

Decide and focus on the right business for you

If you know you want to start a solopreneur business but not sure what type of venture you want to start, this is the package for you. By the end of the Spark! Package, you’ll have a clear vision of your business idea and a preliminary business plan to help you launch your business successfully.


1. Passions & Interests
2. Personality

3. Values

4. Skills + Experience

5. Business Themes

6. Business Idea Focus

7. Preliminary Business Plan

Package Price: $795 [includes 7 Sessions + 1 Assessment + Workbook


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