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“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

                                                                                         - Jon Kabat Zinn

Firelight Career Balance Package

Finding balance in a hyper-competitive professional world

I understand that you would rather spend time with your family and friends than at the office or, ideally, you would like to shape a life that gives you more quality time with people with similar values when you are at work.


I have a special affinity for women as well as moms and dads who've taken time off from their career to take care of loved ones, travel, or tend to their own health. 


Career overwhelm can feel suffocating. You want to keep up with your peers and provide a steady income, but sometimes the daily grind can make you feel like you’re on a treadmill. I have certainly felt this way in my past career and know how isolating it can feel.


You want to make smart decisions about your career, but when you feel like you’re in your “lizard brain” – adapted to respond to stressful situations in a fight-or-flight mode – you can literally lose the ability to engage your higher level thinking to make sensible long-term choices. This loss of our decision-making faculties can bleed into our personal lives,


Clients are always welcome to see me in individual sessions to talk through their career challenges, like past work trauma, anxiety and stress or brass tacks like strategy and next steps. I work especially well with people intent on cultivating a life that values people and purpose over money and materialism. I introduce the importance of mindfulness practices to your personal and professional life and share techniques to reduce anxiety, cultivate gratitude.

My Firelight Career Balance Package starts with a Self-Assessment Phase that looks at your:

  • Values 

  • Passions & Interests

  • Skills, and

  • Personality

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs

During the Self-Assessment Phase, I encourages you to dream a little bit. You will take two assessments of your choice, and we will explore opportunities to cultivate more balance in your career or make a decision to take another professional path. Your choice of assessments choices include:

  • Myers Briggs

  • Myers Briggs, Step 2

  • Strong Inventory (Strong Campbell)

  • FIRO (Assesses Conflict Style)

  • DiSC Assessment

  • Strengthsfinder

If starting a business is on your mind, we can explore the viability of a solopreneur lifestyle or the potential of pursuing funding to start a larger business.

During the self-assessment phase, you will have created a profile of your ideal employer or, if starting a business, your ideal client.

Next, we'll tackle the "Brass Tacks" to get you back into the workforce:

I'll help you distill your findings into a basic message (or "elevator pitch") so you can explain what you are looking for during informational interviews, networking events, or even while out to dinner with your friends.

I'll also teach you how to use websites to learn about expectations, salary and educational requirements. Web research is important, but talking to people is the heart of this phase. I love connecting people and helping you plan informational interviews as well as appropriate professionals groups for career exploration.

Package Price: $795 [includes 7 Sessions + 3 Assessments + 2 Hours of Resume Writing

Individual Sessions also available. 





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