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"Be so good they can't ignore you." - Steve Martin

Image by Sam Moqadam

Think of an interview as a conversation with
someone you might work with some day.

Few of us enjoy the interview process, but the more we rehearse and prepare, the more likely we will express ourselves with confidence and poise. I can help you with both the content and delivery of interviews.


My philosophy is to spend time thoughtfully considering answers to the common questions (“What is your greatest weakness?”) and to focus on the first question -- “Tell me about yourself,” since it can set tone for the entire experience.


I have a proven system for answering this question well. Believing that we tend to make sense of the world through stories, I help you learn to tell your story in an entertaining, engaging manner to lay a foundation for a successful interview encounter.


1-Hour Quick Interview Prep: $150

(includes ½ hour of content prep and ½ hour of delivery prep)

2-Hour Interview Prep Package: $250

(includes content prep and delivery prep)


4-Hour Interview Prep Package: $400

(includes 2 hours of content prep and 2 hours of delivery prep; last hour is complete role play, conducted in attire you plan to wear to the interview)

Brass Tacks Package

Includes 4 one-hour sessions, two formal career assessments (Myers-Briggs, Strong Inventory or Strengthsfinder), and two hours of out-of-session resume or cover letter formatting/writing. Sessions can take place in person or via Zoom and can also cover interview prep, job search, LinkedIn coaching, networking assistance, small business coaching or assistance creating a website to showcase a CV or portfolio or launch a consulting business. $550



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