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“If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask 'what seat?' Just get on.”

       - Sheryl Sandberg

Fire in the Belly Career Advancement Package

Growing as a professional with passion without losing yourself

If you feel like you have hit a ceiling in your career, leaving you unchallenged or uninspired, or if you are just pondering your next steps, career advancement coaching can offer greater clarity and position you to actualize your full potential.

I can help you strategize about approaches to find more professional fulfillment. Whether you are looking improve soft skills like interpersonal communication or hard concrete skills like leadership, technology and project management, we can collaborate on your success blueprint.


Whether your goal is to advance your career with your current employer or transition to a different workplace, I can help you craft a vision to set you on a clearer career path. Below are just a few of the areas that we can discuss in further depth to align yourself with opportunities for advancement.


Leadership Development

  • Hone your leadership and project management skills.

  • Build skills to inspire and motivate others.

  • Improve time management and organizational skills.

  • Increase efficiency through delegation and task management.

  • Grow your potential by seeking out mentors and identifying strategic educational and training opportunities.


Recognition & Assertiveness

  • Speak up in situations to build your team collaboration skills and increase your potential for recognition.

  • Prevent yourself from getting stuck in a dead-end position with little chance of advancement.

  • Attract recognition for increased responsibilities and build healthy boundaries to reduce burnout.


Promotion Positioning

  • Identify skills and training that will improve your career trajectory.

  • Build solid relationships with peers and supervisors.

  • Prepare for performance reviews and interviews.

  • Discuss strategies for increasing your recognition among peers and supervisors.

  • Create a long-term vision for professional growth.


Salary Negotiation

  • Learn approaches to improve your ability to negotiate for a higher income or increased responsibilities.

  • Discuss strategies to build habits to help demonstrate justification of salary increases.

  • Determine the optimal time to ask for a raise and the best ways to approach delicate negotiation situations.

Package Price: $550 (includes 4 Sessions + 2 Assessments + 2 Hours of Resume or LinkedIn Formatting

Individual Sessions also available. (You can set up a free Zoom or phone session to find out more.)





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