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“Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life.”

 - John Wooden

Fire Starter Career Transition Package

For job seekers ready to make a transition or still deciding on their career

Career transition can feel like you're in limbo. Still don't know what you want to be when you grow up? That's okay. I didn't either when I was turning 40 and running a branding business. I felt there was a career path that was eluding me, almost as if obscured by a thick fog.

I clung fiercely to the belief that I could cultivate a career that offers meaning, flexibility, creativity and challenge. I went back to school to get my MSW, still uncertain what exactly I was going to do but certain I wanted to help people one-on-one.


Now, I can actually say that I love my job — I get to help people find fulfilling, engaging careers. Sometimes this means pulling up stakes, but it can sometimes just mean reimagining their place in their current work environment or field.


Reimagining a career often entails exploring new skills and interests within your existing field or changing your work environment – transferring to a different department, a new employer or going freelance –  to gain much needed perspective on potentially untapped possibilities.

I understand that you would rather spend time with family and friends and shape a life pursuing interests like travel, cooking and exploring the outdoors.

I work especially well with people intent on cultivating a life that values people and purpose over money and materialism. I have a special affinity for women as well as moms and dads who've taken time off from their career to take care of loved ones, travel, or tend to their own health. 

My Firestarter Career Transition Package starts with a self-assessment phase that looks at your skills, values and interests and encourages you to dream a little bit. You will take three assessments (including Myers- Briggs, Strengthsfinder, and Strong Interest Inventory) and a Career Transition Workbook to guide your progress.

During the introspective phase, you will create a profile of your ideal employer or, if starting a business, your ideal client. I'll help you distill your findings into a basic message (or "elevator speech.") so you can explain what you are looking for during informational interviews, networking events, or even while out to dinner with your friends.

I'll also teach you how to research prospective employers or clients, salary/rate expectations. Since networking is core to the process, I can also help you plan informational interviews and other career exploration opportunities.

The end goals are to clarify your career path and determine your next steps towards pursuing a field that offers fulfillment, decent pay, a safe and supportive working environment, and balance. 

7-Session Package Price: $795

[includes Career Transition Workbook + 3 assessments + 2 hours of out-of-session resume writing]

Individual Sessions also available to talk through:

- Career challenges, like past work trauma, anxiety and stress,

- Strategy, confidence-building and next steps, or

- Brass tacks like resumes and cover letters, interviewing, LinkedIn, and job search.

You can download an excerpt of the Jump Start book (that is included with the package in paperback form) here.




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