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Still not sure what you want to be when you grow up?

That's okay. Sometimes it takes time to find your...


Believing you need to keep the spark alive in both family and work life, I challenge clients to grow their careers and businesses while finding meaning and maintaining balance. I enjoy working with visionaries willing to break rules to blaze a dynamic path. I love helping entrepreneurs thrive in business while leaving their unique impression on the world.

I offer a mix of personal branding expertise, counseling skills, and clear-headed insight, helping creatives, solopreneurs, and changemakers navigate less linear career paths. My experiences running a branding business and a women's magazine trained me to sharpen clients' financial savvy and basic messaging, while my MSW gave me tools to help clients overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

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Kristin Schuchman, MSW

Career & Business Coach

Member, Forbes

Coaching Council

Certified Small Business Coach

Founder/Publisher of Nervy Girl Magazine


Mixed Media Branding

Schedule Anchor


Image by Luke Besley


At Spark Career Counseling + Business Coaching, our purpose is to help you find yours. Based in Portland, OR we provide career counseling and business coaching when ready for your next step -- advancement at your current workplace or a complete career transition. Our career coaching and counseling includes a personalized deep dive into your professional motivations. We explore your workplace abilities, personality, priorities, and passions through a series of tests and thought-provoking discussions - all in search of your career destination. We also provide resume writing, interview preparation, LinkedIn formatting and confidence coaching. Accepting clients for in-person (in the Portland area) and remote sessions. Contact us today!

Meet Your Counselor
in person or remotely

Career counseling appointments are available in person (in Portland) or remotely. You can start with a free session that is easy to schedule and designed to fit into your schedule.

 Personality Test and Business Analysis

I offer assessments to build self-understanding so you can make informed choices about the next steps in your career. These include Myers-Briggs, Strengthsfinders, and Strong Interest Inventory, among others.

A Customized CAREER Planning approach

Every person who reaches out for career counseling and business coaching comes from a unique place in their career journey. That's why I take the time to understand your motivations, experiences, and personality to help plot a career path that makes sense for your lifestyle. 

Coaching to help you reach
Your Career Goals

As your career destination becomes clearer, I can help you clarify your goals, so you can start building habits to overcome feelings of paralysis or overwhelm in your career. I want you to thrive in creating a career that feels successful on your terms and meets you needs for balance, flexibiity, and engagement.

Continuous career counseling

I'm not just interested in just "finding you a job." I work with people who want more from their work than just a paycheck and seek meaning, fulfillment, and challenged in their work. I pride myself on building long-term relationships with clients and stay in touch whenever you need to reach out for more support.

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