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“The future depends on what you do today.”

                                                                                         - Mahatma Gandhi

Relight + Relaunch Career Package

Re-entering the workforce after an absence

Looking for work is challenging enough without the added stress of explaining gaps in our employment. People re-launch their careers every day despite lapses in their employment, but it makes sense to  take the time to be strategic and thoughtful before you kickstart your career.

To gain clarity about your next steps the Relight + Relaunch Career Package starts out by assessing your:

  • Values,

  • Skills,

  • Strengths,

  • Purpose,

  • Interests and Passions, and

  • Personality.

This package includes your choice 2 assessments including:

  • Myers Briggs

  • Myers Briggs, Step II

  • Strong Inventory

  • Strengthsfinder

Since you also may find that you need on brass tacks, we spend time:

Often when we've been out of the workforce a while, our egos can take a hit. We strategize techniques for boosting confidence and fighting other self-limiting beliefs, such as:

  • Post-work trauma,

  • Anxiety,

  • Stress,

  • Career re-entry fears,

  • Imposter syndrome, and

  • Self-esteem.

Clients are always welcome to see me in individual sessions to talk through their career challenges. I work especially well with people intent on cultivating a life that values people and purpose over money and materialism. I introduce the importance of mindfulness practices to your personal and professional life and share techniques to reduce anxiety, cultivate gratitude.

My Relight + Relaunch Career Transition Package starts with a self-assessment phase that looks at your skills, values and interests and encourages you to dream a little bit. You will take two assessments of your choice (see above) and explore opportunities to cultivate more balance in your career or make a decision to take another professional path.

This package is perfect for:

  • Moms (and dads) re-entering the workforce after taking care of kids,

  • Caregivers who have taken time to take care of a loved one,

  • Individuals who have recovered from an illness or mental health crisis, and

  • Recent grads who went back to school to augment their experience or transition their career.

If starting a business is on your mind, we can explore the viability of a solopreneur lifestyle or the potential of pursuing funding to start a larger business.

During the self-assessment phase, you will have created a profile of your ideal employer or, if starting a business, your ideal client. I'll help you distill your findings into a basic message (or "elevator speech.") so you can explain what you are looking for during informational interviews, networking events, or even while out to dinner with your friends.

I'll also teach you how to use websites to learn about expectations, salary and educational requirements. Web research is important, but talking to people is the heart of this phase. I love connecting people and helping you plan informational interviews as well as appropriate professionals groups for career exploration.

Package Price: $795 [includes 7 Sessions + 3 Assessments + 2 Hours of Out-of-Session Resume Writing]

Individual Sessions also available. (Set up a free Zoom or phone session to find out more.)





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