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Vision Board Brunch on February 24

Visualization is the most important potent way to bring your goals to fruition. Research suggests that our brain interprets imagery as reality, prompting us to set a goal and create the neural pathways to make it happen. If you have a goal to manifest, join Elizabeth Cramer & me for our February Vision Board Brunch.

This month our theme will be "That Next Big Thing" -- we encourage you to create a board to capture the essence of that next big game changer for your career, personal life, business, or family. (You can always just make a vision board for whatever strikes your fancy. We have lots of prompts.)

We make it easy by providing pre-cut magazine pictures and words, glue, cardstock and a few art supplies. We've got prompts to move you forward if you're "stuck" and give you a chance to connect with an interesting group of people in a creative, motivating space. Brunch is included.

Last month, we had a great turnout and brought together a fabulous group of people. Just bring one goal that has continued to elude you and prepare to put it on the page. If you have never created a vision board, no worries. We make it easy and provide lots of prompts and encouragement.

If you want to try this at home, just start with this easy Action Word prompt:

Cut out all of the action words you can find and pictures of people doing active things). Start placing the words on the page without glue first and see what speaks to you. Place your largest word or image near the center and build from there. Don't overthink the process -- just let your id do the heavy lifting, take a deep breath and embrace the process. If it's difficult or you find that you're stuck, remember to play.

Think of that little girl in the Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk on creativity who, when asked what she is drawing by her teacher, responds, "I'm drawing a picture of God." When the teacher says, "But nobody knows what God looks like," the girl says, "They will in a minute."

Reserve your spot today!

What: Vision Board Brunch When: Sunday, February 24, 11am - 1pm Where: Brightside Coworking, 6018 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR Cost: $15, Six spots available ($20 Day Of) Email to ask questions or join the Wait List if we are full. Please click the link below to register.

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