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By Kristin Schuchman

Certified Emyth Business Coach

Career Counselor

Certified Myers Briggs Trainer

Today I’m formally launching my new website at Since many of us start a business to maintain our state of independence, the Fourth of July seemed the best day to celebrate that.

As a career counselor and certified EMyth business coach, I believe you need to keep the spark alive in both family and work life. I challenge clients to grow their businesses while finding meaning and maintaining balance. I enjoy working with visionaries willing to break rules to blaze a dynamic path. I love helping entrepreneurs thrive in business while leaving their unique impression on the world.

We all start with a spark, but businesses have a way of taking over our lives. And most people start a business to maintain some work/life balance. But slowly, the demands of managing clients, contractors, employees, vendors and all of the nagging details have a way of wearing away at the passion that initially fueled your entrepreneurial journey. In my Fireworks blog I’ll cover all aspects of running a business. I’ll talk about branding, networking, time management, finances, dealing with difficult people, you name it. I’ll even invite you to share with me your particular struggles and challenges and address them here.

I’d love for you to think of Fireworks as a resource that extends beyond your business concerns. We’ll share ideas on how to take care of yourself and make time for the people and the activities that you love while doing this really challenging thing of running a business. My philosophy is that if you run and brand your business well, build the right systems and manage your time efficiently, the quality of your life and time outside your business will improve exponentially. I’d love to be a part of making that happen for you. I’ll just close with a simple tip -- ask yourself why you started your business. Literally, write it down, every reason you can think of. Then look at your list and ask yourself if the things that motivated you to launch your business are realities in your life. If these motivations still elude you, business coaching can make them a reality. To find out more about Spark Business Coaching, visit the Find Out More page of this website. You can subscribe to Fireworks by filling out the form in the upper righthand corner of this page (or below if viewing this on a mobile device).

Hope your 4th is happy and safe. Stay fired up!

P.S. To find out more about my career counseling services, visit

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