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Kat Depner

"Kristin is amazing! Whether you are in career transition or trying to think of creative ways to reinvigorate your current professional track, it seems this talented lady can do it all. She is incredibly empathetic and I instantly felt comfortable connecting with her. I loved the tools and self discovery assignments that came after all of our sessions. It was a great way to establish accountability and to ensure that I was retaining and following up on what we had discussed from prior sessions.

Additionally, there is no judgment or raised eyebrows with Kristin. Just an openness to listen and help you discover and explore unmet and untapped potential. If you are stuck, aggravated at your current job, and creatively starved... meeting with Kristin is an absolute oasis of knowledge and healing."


It's been a pleasure working with Kristin and Spark a Career. She approaches her work with compassion and a resourceful, can do attitude. I would recommend working with her to find your dream job.

Doug Duguay

"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our greatest fear is that we are powerful

beyond measure." - Marianne Williamson


Believing you need to keep the spark alive in both family and work life, I challenge clients to grow their careers and businesses while finding meaning and maintaining balance. I enjoy working with visionaries willing to break rules to blaze a dynamic path. I love helping creative and mission-driven professionals thrive while leaving their unique impression on the world.

I offer a mix of personal branding expertise, counseling skills, and clear-headed insight, helping creatives, solopreneurs, and changemakers navigate less linear career paths. My experiences running a branding business and a women's magazine trained me to help my clients clarify their career goals and shape their basic messaging while my MSW gave me tools to help clients overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

I'd love to connect. Click below to schedule a free session.

Kristin Schuchman, MSW

Business & Career Coach

Member, Forbes Coaching Council

Certified Small

Business Coach

Nervy Girl Magazine


Mixed Media Branding

Kristin Schuchman Career & Business Coach



Personalized Career Counseling and Business Coaching

Are you sure that whatever you are doing in your life will be fruitful for the upcoming years? Surely, no one can guarantee the future, but what we can do is set your direction to a successful future by leading you on the right path. At Spark, we lead individuals to set their goals and help them find a purpose to live on. We also assist businesses to thrive and break the barriers hindering them from achieving their objectives. Our tenured and highly experienced counselors are successful business owners and change-makers themselves. So, their expertise guides you about the pitfalls to avoid and helps you achieve your goals fast.