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Make the best first impression possible

with a resume that represents you well.

Cue in to keywords so applicant scanning systems (ATS / applicant tracking systems) won't eject you from the "Yes" pile.

Your resume is not only the most universal tool to landing the job you want – it’s the quickest, most powerful way to succinctly describe yourself. Think of it as a marketing brochure for yourself -- use it to package your skills, laud your accomplishments and describe yourself as the capable, resourceful candidate your dream employer is looking for.


I like to start with a one-hour session in person to ask you about the position you are targeting and then spend time outside our session to craft your resume.


I like to have you consider resumes the “quantitative” approach while cover letters are the “qualitative” approach. HR staff and/or your future boss will scan the resume while they may actually read the cover letter. Take this opportunity to show the more human, flesh-in-blood aspects of yourself and make them want to meet you.


If you are applying for positions with large companies it is likely that your resume and even your cover letter will be scanned for certain keywords and keyword phrases. I can help you craft resumes and cover letters that keep pace with applicant scanning systems and other human resources technology.

Rates $95/hour (2 Hour Minimum)

[Most 2-page resumes take 2 hours.]


Got questions? I've got answers.


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